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Zee 60 x 80 2012

Zee (60 x 80) 2012

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  1. Roxy schreef:

    These topics are so coninsfug but this helped me get the job done.

  2. National Jewish Health, an academic medical center in Denver, is making a video to raise funds for care and research into vets’ post-deployment lung disease. I would really like to use the picture of the guy standing at the side of the burn pit throwing in a piece of paper. Do you know how I might get permission and a high-resolution image? –William

  3. +1 pour Iris hier à 16:26 ; je vote aussi pour ‘affidés’ !+1 nonsense & absurdus delirium hortotypographique à lapinos377 hier aussi à 23:03 ._° (ce qui est censé signifier : je perds un Å“il)

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